I’m here to help you thriving in your life, and in your business

I’m a Brand Strategist with 10+ years of marketing experience, and a Life & Business Coach Certified.  I’m here to help you live your life to the fullest.
As a Life Coach, we can work together to unleash your full potential, get unstuck, overcome challenges, and create your growth path.
As a Business Coach I can help you and your company with effective communication, emotional management, behavioral change, leadership, mindset, and culture & team.
Finally, as a Consultant, I can craft brand strategies, as well as product launches and digital marketing plans.


In Your Personal and Professional Life

Life Coaching

Business Coaching


“She’s strategic and goal focused person"

I had the pleasure to work with Fiorella when I was Email Marketing Manager at Mindvalley Italy and I have to day that I was impressed by her skills and expertise. We spent a lot of time working together, so I can definitely say that she’s strategic and goal focused person, able to work on different projects, keeping always in mind the big picture. I would definitely recommend her, not only because of her marketing skills, but also regarding her social and interpersonal skills, she is a really nice person to work with, so she will be really good also in team working.

– NATALIA RIZZI, Data & Software Dev

“As a brilliant and accurate strategist, Fiorella is always bringing innovative and tactical ideas to the table.”

Fiorella has been an exceptional mentor during my transition to Mindvalley. I significantly benefited from her web marketing expertise, and from her eagerness to develop solutions that meet brand objectives based on consumer insight and data.
As a brilliant and accurate strategist, Fiorella is always bringing innovative and tactical ideas to the table. She is detail-oriented, but never loses sight of the overall picture, and is capable of juggling between multiple projects.
She has an outgoing, determined and ambitious personality. Besides, she constantly invests into her professional career and is inspired by continuous learning.
I would recommend Fiorella for any job related to digital or web strategy, web marketing, e-commerce, SEO, web content production, PR and social media strategy.
I am thankful she guided me throughout the initial phase in my new role.

– BARBARA GHIZZONI, Communications at EFSA (European Food Safety Authority)

“Overall Fiorella is a skilled, organized and passionate digital marketer.”

Fiorella si a highly committed professional skilled at Digital Marketing Management. Under my supervision she helped Unifarm define a digital strategy and managed its implementation. She helped me structuring the overall business case presented to the board and later coordinated with the different internal and external stakeholders to implement the plan. Overall Fiorella is a skilled, organized and passionate digital marketer that can help organizations develop and implement their digital presence while overcoming the challenges and hurdles that such transformations imply.


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